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Workforce Culture: What Are We Missing..? 

Workforce Culture: What Are We Missing..? 

As a Business Solutions Provider, WhiteCollarBlue specialises in placing phenomenal candidates in roles where they meet the cultural and business needs of our clients. With a split focus on both temporary and permanent facets of employment we are able to find the best fit for your business and this is what we do on a daily basis. 

So we commence the journey from receiving the job order, to finding out the ins and outs of what you as a business are looking for and find that perfect candidate for your role. Match made in heaven. We induct our candidates, give them the information that they need to ensure they understand what is expected of them and set them on their merry way to their new job where they go from a temporary to permanent role and grow with the business and develop their career.

.... In a perfect world. 

Unfortunately, this is not consistently the case in today’s workforce and the question is, why? 

Why is there such a high fall off rate for employees? Why are people unable to commit to a role and follow through with the promise of continuity and ability to execute the responsibilities in their scope of work? Why is it hard to find decent, loyal and hardworking employees? 

These questions came up in a managerial discussion that we had this morning after reading a very raw and real job advertisement in the local newspaper where a business owner explained exactly what they were looking for in a new employee; “We are looking for someone who is punctual (maybe actually demonstrate keenness and be at work 5 minutes early AND perish the thought every day, if your mobile phone has been surgically fixed to the palm of your hand – DO NOT APPLY”. Surely this kind of person is out there, right?

This job advertisement sparked a debate as to why it is so hard to find hard working people in the workforce who wake up and are excited to go to work or even show up. The debate was focussed on ethics, generational disconnects, and benefits. So let’s break them down;

01: Ethics

A value based on hard work and diligence. Capitalists believe in the requirement of hard work and its ability to enhance character.

When I think of ethics I think of dedication, integrity, accountability and conduct. All of the things you want to bring with you to work and things that employers are looking for in their dream candidate. So, I took the issue to my Operations Manager and asked why ethics have gone out the window. Her response was that ethics have unfortunately become a dying trait, in 2016 it has become apparent that we now live in a ‘me society’.

02: Generational Disconnect

A disconnect between generations in the workforce.

Within the workforce, there is an apparent ‘c’ change developing within the generations. A ‘c’ change refers to a connectedness between employees and employers. Employees have begun demanding new processes and reward systems to satisfy their needs and motivate their professional development and progression. 

The balance has shifted from Baby Boomers and Gen X workers. We are now seeing a shift to the Millennial (Generation Y) and how they communicate, collaborate, learn, and grow is much more digital than older demographics can appreciate. For the Millennial, digital is in their DNA. With that, we are losing our ability to communicate face-to-face and rely on social media platforms and portable devices.

At what point did a paycheck and stability become ‘not enough?’

03: Benefits & Need for Employment

With a steady unemployment rate of 5.7%, we have seen a strong shift from predominant full-time employment searches change to a stronger part-time employment preference. Working in the temporary and casual arena, we see a mentality of “I’m casual, I don’t need to work – I will still get my benefits” (this is not the case across the board, though this is a general recurrence).

As a Gen Y’er myself, if I was employed on a casual basis my mentality would be “Crap, I need to work or I’ll lose x amount of money this week which means I won’t be able to pay this bill.”

The entire system seems to be distorted and upside down, but at what cost to your career and to businesses across Australia struggling to find quality, genuine and loyal employees?

Are we all in it for the bigger buck? As a society have we lost the ability to work ethically and do what we are paid to do? It’s a concerning topic and it’s also become quite prevalent in the workforce. 

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