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What Your Desk Says About You..

Take a moment away from this blog, as captivating as it is – and look at your desk. Is it scattered in papers, chocolate wrappers and stress balls? Maybe you have a photo of you and your family with a beautiful Hawaiian backdrop? or you have nothing but your computer screen, your phone and a cold cup of coffee. Interestingly, all of the items on your desk and the way in which your desk is kept says a lot about you and your personality. In today’s blog we will show you the 5 office personalities and what your desk says about you. 

Generally speaking, we spend most of our week at our desk – we arrange our spaces to communicate our attitudes, goals and values. Have a look at your desk, have a look at your co-worker’s desks. Do you see any similarities or differences? One thing is certain, we all work differently and the way in which we set up our desks, reflects on our work ethic and our efficiency. 

The Minimalist 

Less is more, and that’s how the Minimalist lives and works. This worker is practically a ghost, taking long lunches, ignoring emails, this worker lives in a working space so bare that everyone forgets someone actually works there. 

Tell-Tale Signs That You’re a Minimalist: 

You work in a mostly empty workspace, with only the basics – your computer, keyboard, and mouse. People will question if you have a life outside of work, there will be no photos of your family, dream holidays or bobble heads on your desk. 

The Work Style of a Minimalist: 

Minimalists generally don’t do much because they are generally not at work. They don’t action their emails and they don’t actually want to be at work. One piece of research said that a Minimalist is someone that is looking for a new job, while on the clock. 

The Hoarder 

If you’re a Hoarder, your work-space is on the verge of being condemned. A Hoarder wants everything in the office, whether it’s another project or the last cup of coffee. On the upside, the Hoarder can survive an apocalypse, thanks to their stockpiled cubicle. 

Tell-Tale Signs That You’re a Hoarder: 

Sky-high paper stacks, overstuffed drawers, rubber-band balls, old take-out receipts, half-filled coffee mugs and meeting notes from 10 years ago mean you win the award for the Hoarder of the office! 

The Work Style of a Hoarder: 

If you’re a Hoarder, it means you want to be a part of everything. You constantly contribute unsolicited opinions and you seem to be volunteering or every committee. The Hoarder will generally write emails that are the length of your standard essay and stock pile food and left overs in the fridge. (again, in preparation for the apocalypse) 


The Documentarian 

The Documentarians workspace is a shrine honouring every life event. This worker loves to preserve memories, but don’t get on their bad side – or cut in line at the copier. (Remember: The Documentarian never forgets) 

Tell-Tale Signs of a Documentarian: 

The Documentarian will have an abundance of photos, cards, knick-knacks, child art pieces and awards. 

The Work Style of a Documentarian: 

The Documentarian is a team player who considers even a business lunch to be a cherished memory. This worker is happy to help out on any project and always remembers the receptionist’s birthday. The Documentarian is known for handing out triple copies of every document, emailing cat videos, and telling endless anecdotes about recent holidays taken. 

The Techie 

No matter what the job, the Techie is equipped with every piece of technology invented to “increase productivity”. The Techie’s workspace looks impressive. Their quarterly results? Not so much. 

Tell-Tale Signs That You’re a Techie: 

You’ve got all of the coolest things. A ‘Big Bang Theory’ coffee mug, you probably have an abundance of gadget chargers, you might even have a selfie stick hidden somewhere – you know, for blogging. (just like me) 

The Work Style of a Techie: 

The Techie is never available to help out because this worker is too busy video-conferencing, optimising work-flow documents, or secretly playing video games. The Techie is known for using lots of buzzwords in meetings, creating impressive PowerPoint presentations, and complaining about the lack of Wi-Fi in the bathroom. Your average Techie also loves excel spreadsheets. Who doesn’t love a spreadsheet! 

The Sickie 

The Sickie is actually a semi-decent worker – when they actually show up. This delicate flower takes more sick days than anyone else in the office, thanks to allergies, food poisoning, or whatever new epidemic is making headlines. The Sickie workspace is a guaranteed environment, and you’ll be reminded every time you pass by. Don’t touch anything on this desk unless you’ve washed your hands, or sprayed yourself with disinfectant. 

Tell-Tale Signs That You’re a Sickie: 

Ergonomic chair, keyboard and mouse; enough hand sanitizer to cleanse a small army; multiple air purifiers and a lifetime supply of eucalyptus tissues. 

The Work Style of a Sickie: 

The Sickie can mostly handle the workload, but not if he or she has recently encountered dairy, scented soap, polyester, and possibly water or air. The Sickie is known for posting reminders about hand washing, stocking the office first-aid kit and providing too much information about his or her latest illness to anyone nearby. They will also remind you on a daily basis about respectful hygiene routines, they don’t want your germs. 

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