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Five Ways to Lead with Emotional Intelligence..  

“We are dangerous when we are not conscious of our responsibility for how we behave, think, and feel” – Marshall B. Rosenberg

On Wednesday, we created some content on “Employing Talent – 5 Pillars of Emotional Intelligence & Interview Questions” Where the 5 Pillars of emotional intelligence were broken down as well as some examples of questions to ask candidates to see how their EI ranked. 

Today, we flip the coin and focus on the Leader. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of, manage and evaluate emotions. Leaders with Emotional Intelligence have the ability to monitor their own and others feelings and emotion, and then use these to make decisions. 

For Leaders, having Emotional Intelligence is essential for success. Which leader is more likely to succeed? The Leader who controls and floods his talent with fear or, the leader who is calm, self-aware and grows with his team? 

An Emotionally intelligent leader is self-aware and have the ability to recognise their own emotions, why they are feeling the way they do and most importantly the impact of their emotions and behaviours around those around them, namely their team members. Emotionally intelligent leaders are exceptional at managing their emotions appropriately so that they affect others more positively than negatively. They have strong communication skills, choosing the correct tone and body language to convey their thoughts and ideas. Emotional intelligent leaders establish and build strong relationships with their talent characterised by trust and professional intimacy. 

So how do you lead with Emotional Intelligence? 

..Let us help you by showing 5 ways today! 

01: Care 

To care, it sounds like a simple thing, but it’s not always expressed or genuine in its delivery or tone. Leaders need to be able to balance the head with the heart. If you sway too far either side of the pendulum, there are disadvantages. Leaders cannot always be so intense about what is required from their talent. Intensity requires proper timing and focus to build and keep momentum. Leaders need to be able to show maturing along with passion and be more compassionate in order to balance what the job requires with what people require. 

Emotional Intelligent leaders will make extra effort to say thank you and do this with consistency. They will take time to mentor the talent members who have earned the opportunity. 

02: Embrace 

Each talent member is an individual, with different strengths, weaknesses, passions, goals and personalities. An emotionally intelligent leader will treat their talent as individuals rather than a group. 

Each talent member is authentic in their own right. Emotional intelligent Leaders will be sensitive to managing and leveraging the differences within their team to assemble greatness and assign unique talents and abilities to certain situations. Be smart and look for common ground within the difference between people and embrace the strengths and weaknesses. 

03: Don’t Judge 

Our differences fuel our unique perspectives and cultivate innovation and opportunity. This can be seen as ‘diversity’. Emotional Intelligent Leaders will accept and leverage differences that their talent bring along with their unique ideas and ideals. The more inclusive a leader is, the wider the breadth and depth of opportunities that will come your way. 

04: Help 

Leaders are the people who learn from their team, who build a team of people who are able to do jobs better than them. Leaders hire smart. Emotional intelligent leaders will not get caught up in converting their talent to be more like them, but will motivate their talent and help them see how their role, their career can fit into their world in a positive way. 

Your talent will want to feel that they are creating an impact and that they can make a mark for themselves and those around them. Emotional Intelligent leaders will lead in ways that allow their talent to both be successful and significant work. 

05: Accountable 

The most important. Emotional Intelligent Leaders will be accountable. Just because you have a title, doesn’t mean that you are not equal. This means that as a leader, you hold yourself equally accountable and enforce the same rules of engagement that you expect from your talent. The best leaders always do – but in today’s workplace, it is much more deliberate. Talent appreciate a leader who is a more integrated part of the team; more available and less mysterious. 

Emotionally Intelligent Leaders will have the ability to admit when they make a mistake and will be transparent. Your Talent want to know that you can be trusted; revealing the areas where you can improve makes you much more authentic, real and genuine. Leaders have historically played the game of authority and allowed their titles to influence the conversations they have and also their attitudes. 

Your talent are more likely to follow and support you if you are approachable and relatable, they look for the kind of leader who will roll up their sleeves and fight the battle with them. 

Are you in a position where you feel as though you aren’t successfully connecting with your talent? 

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