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Five Ways that Emotionally Intelligent Talent Deal with Toxic Staff..

Emotional Intelligence is the capacity of individuals to recognise their own, and other people’s emotions, to discriminate between different feelings and label them appropriately, to use emotional information to guide thinking and behaviour, and to manage and adjust emotions to adapt environments or achieve ones goal.

A toxic work environment can be made up of many factors, one main factor is toxic team members. Sometimes, these individuals are blissfully unaware of the negative impact that they have on the people around them and the impact that they have on production, environment and culture. This type of employee creates stress, dysfunction and unnecessary complexities.

Talent go to work, because they love what they are doing – they will generally avoid conflict and soldier on. Though, sometimes stressful situations even get to the best of us. Toxicity can have a huge impact on your physical wellbeing, as well as your mental state.

Let’s get heavy.. Studies show that stress can have a lasting, negative impact on the brain. Exposure to even a few days of stress compromises the effectiveness of neurones in our hippocampus (an important brain area responsible for reasoning and memory). Weeks of stress cause reversible damage to neuronal dendrites (the small arms that your brain cells use to communicate with each other). Months of stress can permanently destroy neurons.

Your ability to manage your emotions and remain calm in situations is a direct link to your performance. A recent survey conducted found that 90% of top performers are skilled at managing their emotions in time of stress in order to remain calm and in control. One of their greatest gifts was the ability to neutralise toxic people. Top performers, or your talent have well developed coping strategies that they employ to keep toxic people at bay.

Lets break down five ways that EI talent deal with toxic staff…

01: Emotional Awareness

When you are working in close proximity to negative people, for most of your days it can sometimes be difficult to maintain an emotional distance. This requires absolute awareness. You cannot stop someone from pushing your buttons or affecting your day if you aren’t allowing yourself to recognise that this is occurring. EI Talent will stop, regroup, recognise and process what is happening. Usually people who respond impulsively to situations, say or do something that they regret. If a toxic staff member has said something to you that has offended you, or unsettled you… think before you speak.

02: Boundaries are Established..

This is the area where most people tend to sell themselves short. They feel like because they work with someone, they have no way to control the chaos. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Once you’ve found your way to rise above a toxic staff member, you’ll begin to find their behaviour more predictable and easier to understand. This will equip you to think rationally about when and where you have to put up with them and when you don’t. For example, even if you work with someone closely on a project team, that doesn’t mean that you need to have the same level of one-on-one interaction with them that you have with other team members.

You can establish a boundary, but you’ll have to do so consciously and proactively. If you let things happen naturally, you are bound to find yourself constantly embroiled in difficult conversations. If you set boundaries and decide when and where you’ll engage a difficult person, you can control much of the chaos. The only trick is to stick to your guns and keep boundaries in place when the person tries to encroach upon them, which they will.

03: Don’t Steal My Sunshine

When your sense of pleasure or satisfaction are derived from the opinions or beliefs of others, you are no longer the master of your own happiness. When EI Talent feel good about something that they have done, they won’t let anyone else have an input – their thoughts wont matter.

While it can be pretty difficult to turn off your reactions, or avoid allowing outside views to influence your feelings – EI Talent will respect the others for their views, but ensure that they are not connected to their own.

04: Phone a Friend..

EI Talent know that they cannot tackle every challenge alone. This is entirely ineffective and could be quite destructive. To deal with toxic staff members, you need to recognise that the weakness will always be in your approach to them. This means that tapping into your support system to gain perspective on a challenging person can be your saving grace. Whether it be your manager, your team member, your family or your friends – we all have someone we can communicate with and bounce ideas off of. EI Talent will identify these individuals in their lives and make an effort to seek their insight and assistance when they need it. Something as simple as explaining a situation can lead to a new perspective. Most of the time, people who are not close to the situation can find a solution that you may not be able to, as they aren’t emotionally invented.

05: They Focus on Solutions

Where you focus your attention, will always determine your emotional state. When people fixate on problems being faced, they create and prolong negative emotions and stress. When you focus on actions to better yourself and your circumstances, you can create a sense of personal efficacy that produces positive emotions and this reduces stress.

EI Talent accept that they cannot change people or their views! They will not allow themselves to be consumed with a want to fix a situation, but how to cope moving forward. When doing this, EI Talent will stay in control, learn and also grow.

Dealing with Toxic team members can take time, it can also be a horrible experience. But if you are confident within yourself, your strengths and you are self-aware; you should be able to dis associate from the negativity (depending on the level) and continue being happy within yourself, your role and the work that you produce.

If bullying, harassment or abuse is involved; it is always recommended that you speak to your manager, director or employee. Not all situations can be resolved by following the above steps; these are general ways that EI talent disconnect from negativity within the workplace, through toxic staff.

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