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Top Five Causes of Negative Candidate Experiences. 

Who is more important in Recruitment & Talent Acquisition? The client, or the candidate? 

Surprisingly, if you answered with ‘Client’, you are incorrect. 

Yes, clients pay bills – they bring in money... But, without quality candidates, you don’t have placements which means that you have frustrated clients and no money. 

Recruiters need to nurture and care for their candidates and there is a simple reason as to why they need to do this. Candidates don’t have to work with you. Candidates are spoilt for choice when working with agencies and recruiters. If you are not loyal to your candidates, I hate to break it to you; but they aren’t going to be loyal to you. 

The Candidate experience is an integral part of recruitment that can have a massive effect on how a business is able to recruit quality candidates. 

We have created a list below of the top five causes of negative candidate experiences to assist you in fostering strong, trusting and viable relations with your candidates. 

01: Job Description 

Often, I take time to look at job sites to see how the market is advertising for roles and what kind of language and format is being used. It’s quite alarming to see the variation of quality in ads from agencies. Some may be very brief with minimal information, some have terrible grammatical errors and the formats are a nightmare (usually sets off my OCD) or, they are the length of a novel. 

Writing job advertisements can take a long time. Especially if you are posting to more than one platform. It can often take more than 30 minutes from start to finish per ad. I definitely feel the pain of ad writing. But a quality advert will produce quality candidates and pay off. 

Let’s break down why these types of ads can have a negative impact on your candidate experience: 

Short & Brief: 

A short and rushed job advert may not include all of the information that a candidate wants to know in regards to a role. The key information that you want to include in a job advertisement are; 

a) Information about the company 

b) The title and position within the company 

c) The required skills and experience 

d) Information about motivational factors i.e. salary, incentives, benefits and career progression possibilities. 

e) Information about the application 

f) Information about YOU (recruitment company) 

g) Who to contact. 

There is a fair bit of information needing to be covered a shown above. There is no way that this can be covered in a short and rushed ad. 

Grammatical Errors: 

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see why job advertisements with grammatical errors may rub candidates the wrong way. As the recruiter, or specialist – being able to create an advertisement that has no errors or typos shows that you care about the quality of work you are producing, you take pride in what you do and that you are a professional. 

What message are you sending to candidates if you are selling yourself, your services and your clients with a document filled with grammatical errors? 

As a candidate, you want to see a beautiful job advert that is formatted correctly, that flows and that has been written by someone who proofs their work. 

Too Long: 

As a recruiter, you can sometimes get overly passionate about a role and a company. But, you don’t need to put every minute detail into the ad. A job ad should never me more than 1-page long. If an advert is too long, your candidates are going to become disinterested, they are going to be put off and they may also fall asleep. 

A long, complicated advert may turn candidates off simply because the longer the application, the more experience required and the more complicated the application process. 

02: Long Application Process 

Generally, people are applying for roles if they are currently not working, or looking for a new career opportunity. Candidates do not want this process to be lengthy, they want to be able to trust the process and know that their trust in you, is respected. Recruiters can often sit on resumes and applications while alluding to the belief that they are working hard on finding a candidate a job. Let’s just step back and remember that we work with people.. People who will generally have families and bills to pay, there is a reason why they are applying for roles. 

The application process should have a timeline, this should also be communicated with your candidates. Allowing your candidates to know what is involved in the application process gives them a clear understanding of what to expect and eliminates confusion and questions. When speaking to your clients, you want to find out the following information before accepting applications; 

a) When the role is expected to commence 

b) The Interview process (how many interviews and if there is a required trial 

c) What availabilities the client has for interviews over the next two weeks. 

03: No Salary Information 

Answer me this.. When have you ever applied for a role and not queried salary or benefits? Yes, there is a time through-out the interview process to ask this that will represent the candidate’s drivers in looking for a new role.

HINT: If the first question that a candidate asks when you’re on the phone to them for the first time, introducing yourself and the role – they may be looking for the ‘better buck’.

But as recruiters, you have to be armed with this information. A good way to see if there is a match between the candidate’s expectations and the salary being offered, is simply asking the candidate what kind of expectations that they may have.

You cannot expect a candidate to go through the phone screen, registration and then be booked into an interview with your client with no understanding of the salary. Think about the opportunity of a fall off at the last minute.

04: Unable to Contact Recruiter

Let’s face it; a day in the life as a recruiter can be bloody tough. From the moment you walk into the office, your phone is ringing and emails are coming through left, right and centre. Sometimes you are working with candidates who you don’t necessarily enjoy working with and sometimes you have candidates that are under the impression that your only purpose is to serve them, and only them.

But, as a candidate who has intrusted you with their application, they wish to be able to connect with you and know that you do actually care. If a candidate is unable to contact you, they will just give up and you will leave a bad taste in their mouth. Remember, candidates are not locked in to working with you.

05: Not Meeting Needs

Ah, if you want to save yourself the pain, trauma and heartbreak of fall offs or no shows – listen to your candidate. Listen to what they are saying and what they aren’t saying. Never assume a single thing when it comes to your candidates. You want to ensure that you know everything that you need to, so that you can find the role that your candidate needs. If a candidate has the ability to sit back and say ‘wow, they actually took on board what I said, and need’ then you just gained respect and loyalty.

If you follow the above steps, you are sure to keep your candidates happy. An unhappy candidate has the ability to cause you a gigantic headache. With social media being one of the greatest platforms for advertisement and branding, leaving a candidate angry or unsatisfied could definitely cause some issues.

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