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Five Things That Happen When a Leader is Transparent  

Transparent Leadership is the key to fostering a culture of trust between leaders and their talent. There are a lot of buzz words being used in today’s workforce, one of the main ones is ‘transparent’ or ‘transparency’. Creating a culture of transparency and open communication opens up a world of collaboration, knowledge sharing, innovation, accountability, and talent engagement. But, this all starts with one person – the leader…no pressure, right? 

What is transparency? Or, what does it mean to be transparent? It means to be real and authentic. A transparent person is a trustworthy person. Saying that you are a transparent person, is a massive call. It means that you’re saying you don’t hide anything, you trust yourself and others have the reasons to trust you. Talent wants to relate to their leaders; they want to know that their leaders have experienced the same problems or overcome personal hardships – just like them. 

For leaders within the workplace, this means it's time to be transparent by communicating less over emails and through third-party communication – and become more personally engaged with their talent, face to face. This will not only build trust but more importantly, set a precedent that will transcend through the team which will create a new type of loyalty and attitude. 

Let’s go ahead and break down 5 things that happen when you have a transparent leader in your work environment. 

01: Problems – No More 

Your Talent will learn more about one another and can grow to work towards problem-solving faster when their leaders are transparent. If your Talent has been given all of the information that you have, especially when working on a project – they have a greater ability to gain an understanding of the entire project, not just a snippet. Allow your talent to be given as much information as they can, this will allow them a greater opportunity to grow, learn and build. 

02: Teams are Built with Ease 

Transparency is a very powerful unifier, team building through transparency takes shape when the leader of a team can openly discuss what he or she believes are the strengths and weaknesses of the team. Why? Simple, it allows everyone to openly share their perspectives and opinions – thus creating a platform where the leaders can begin to strategically match people to handle certain assignments based on specific performance requirements. 

When Leaders can be deliberate about their team profile and concerns – it allows the group to mature together and find creative ways to discover the best match to deliver on performance expectations. It cultivates an entrepreneurial spirit that allows for cross-functional responsibilities and opportunities. 

03: Authentic Relationships Build 

Transparency brings people together that may have not yet discovered one another. A vibrant team of uniquely different leaders being forged can build a powerful and strong relationship. Transparency allows relationships to mature faster, as openness can potentially avoid misunderstandings that can fuel unnecessary tensions. 

04: People Promote Trust 

When leaders are transparent, people can be much more objective in evaluating the pros and cons about their leader. If you are transparent, especially during the worst of times, you actually strengthen your leadership as people begin to trust you as a person which could lead to being trusted a lot more as a leader. 

Talent may have trusted their leaders in the past, but after their leader becomes transparent, their employees become more willing to promote trust in their leader with other members of the team. This will eliminate any preconceived judgments that others may have had of the leader whose transparency they may not have experienced for themselves. 

05: Higher Levels of Performance 

It makes simple sense… If all of the above boxes are ticked, of course, there is going to be a higher level of performance within your talent team. A transparent leader gains the appreciation of their team who will perform at their highest ability because the respect is fluent between the two parties. 

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