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A Business Owners View on Talent Vs Staff..  

Today I had an opportunity to write down my views on a critical topic in business currently, which is 'Talent vs. Staff' In this blog, I am going to break down the five secrets of Talent Vs Staff from a business owners point of view. As a business owner, you will spend your days living and breathing your 'why', Talent will embrace your why and Staff- they will only ask why.

Passion Over Profit

"Intrinsic Motivation over Extrinsic Motivation Rules in determining true talent."

The three most important aspects in determining Talent from Staff in this phase are:

• Passion

• Commitment

• Conviction

Ah, Yes, the ‘30 Second Lift Pitch’ is always a real tell – let’s say you’re No one pick jumps in the elevator at the same time as someone else and in polite conversation, your team member is greeted and asked what they do. Classic case where a Talent member will respond with your company’s purpose as if it was their own without a pause delivering with passion and conviction leaving the other in awe of the experience more times than not they are not living. 

In a similar Situation the Staff Member will only reply with a Company Name – industry or their title as if they were catching a cab to the next stop, Stone faced and uninspired about what they do and where they work.

You see, Talent will always live and breathe the purpose almost as deeply as you do. They see the vision and the possibilities. Talent see their name in the organisational chart, not the one now, oh no they can see and picture the one in five years from now.

“The way your employees feel is the way your customers will feel.”Sybil F. Stershic

 Is That the Right Time?

"If I am counting down the time – How can I be focussed on what I am delivering Outcomes?"

The Three Most Visual Displays of Talent Versus Staff:

• Time For My Break

• Sorry I Can’t Stay Back Tonight

• That Might Take Me Past My Finishing Time

So You the boss are at work, Wow It's 6.45am, wow how quiet things are..didn’t realise the time, what a great opportunity to get things done before the crew turns up. Suddenly, the door opens fifteen minutes later, and you jump to attention. “Hey, what are you doing here so early in the morning?” and They answer “Boss I didn’t get that blog finished yesterday, and I wanted to get it done before the day kicks in.” 

30 minutes pass and your phone buzzes. You read the message, knowing who it is.. “Boss sorry I am going to be a little late today as my brothers are helping me look for a cat as I am sure I heard one stuck under the hood of my car” .. and after a while the texts become regular whether it is family, friends or relatives there is a continuity of excuses why we can’t be at work on time. You guessed it right - Just another staff member who is not accountable to the commitment they made in joining your vision.

It's not rocket science; we hold on to staff for all the wrong reasons; timing, shortage of available talent, workflow. ‘Better the Devil You Know’ personal relationships built on time and popularity with the rest of your team.

The truth is, if your staff notice time and not outcomes, then the talent question is mute as it is not the staff member you fire that will cause you the greatest pain. It is the staff member you don’t fire that will. We all need to take the time to develop the culture around our purpose or the staff we hire will develop the wrong culture around the rewards or entitlements they believe they are entitled to for showing up.

Above and Beyond

What Do You Mean It’s Not In Your Contract?

The Three Tells You are on The Right Path with Talent and Not Staff:

• “No Boss Really, I want to stay and finish.”

• “Wow Where Did the Time Go – Who’s Staying Back because I am keen to finish this before I go.”

• “No I am not happy with that I can do better.”

“So Team I was at this ‘Seminaaaaar’ right and got some great insight into how we can improve our service delivery to our customers. I am SO excited for all of you to get involved in the changes we need to make to take service to the next level”.

A real tell to the team’s commitment as Talent are always looking for opportunities to excel and differentiate and so are always open to positive change whereas staff are quick to interject and say “hold on a minute are you sure we have to go down this path, won't that mean more work?”

“So how much overtime is considered reasonable as my contract doesn’t specify, also I didn’t go for my morning break three times this week, and I feel I am putting in a lot lately.”

Staff versus talent is an easy differentiation as talent don’t need to talk to you about trivial matters. You know you need to approach them at regular intervals to ensure they are happy, content and are engaged. You know you need to be ready to compensate talent for the outcomes they bring and not wait until they resign before you realise you were retarded in coming forward to recognise their efforts in living your dream.

Talent will drive themselves for completion and results every time. While staff will always have a reason for non-completion. Talent will own every shortfall and Staff will always delegate blame. Talent will see the lesson and the gift in every failure where as Staff will always see the reasons why things just will not work. Save yourself a headache! Trust your gut... If it is not an absolute Yes – We both know it is an absolute No.

So What’s On Today?

“Hey Everybody, how was last night – So What is the plan for Today?”

The Three Elements Staff Don’t Posses That Talent Own:

• Planning

• Productivity

• Personal Drive

So It’s a 8:45 am, I start at 8:00 am but hey! No need to rush, right? I mean, I had to make a coffee answer an email to Uncle Steve and duck down for a smoke. I am sure they don’t notice... Hang on! Before I get into it, I just want to log in to Facebook before I crank into things cause Mary told me last night that her post would crack me up. 

Please! The staff member you fire will be a whole lot less trouble than the one you don’t.

“Gee! Bryan, I noticed you have been smashing out a few calls this morning! What are you pushing so hard for? Well, I am not happy with my week so far, so I have come in early to get the outcomes today that both the company and I deserve. I am not comfortable with the results this week. How are things in your area?” “Well you know Bryan if the others did what they were supposed to do, my job would be a whole lot easier.”

No surprises here, trouble is if you don’t have anybody focussed on delivering culture and values based audits on the behavioral patterns of staff for your company, you risk cultural killers sneaking into your organisation driving miss-alignment with your business’s purpose. Staff will always undermine your vision with the new talent that comes on board. No amount of authenticity can bring about change to staff that is not aligned with your company’s purpose.

My Future Versus Your Tomorrow

“What? But I am committed ... where did this come from? How am I going to pay my rent?”

The Three Factors differentiating Talent Members Physiology from Staff Members sense of entitlement:

• I Can Versus I Need to Leave on Time Tonight

• What’s Next Versus I Need to Go

• The Possibilities are endless Versus One Day at A Time mentality – You Know!

So it’s planning day, and we are all excited to a point, and there is always one sometimes questioning the validity of getting together for planning day. The abundance of ideas always springs from the talent in the room while the staff look on with destain. Why can’t we finish this and get back to what I am used to?! That’s right, and it’s that point that you need to break the session out of respect for the talent in the room and ask the staff to remain. If you let it slide once, your talent will question their reasons for their commitment to your purpose – Never Hesitate. The needs of the many always out way the needs of the few. 

My future is clear, my ability to identify talent in my business is paramount and fruitful to date but at all costs. The culture of my company will always be bigger than any one individual If it has to be. It is up to me – is gone. I have found the difference between Talent and Staff – I know that with talent I will build the brand and with staff I will dilute it.

My future is in hand picking the right talent - those that will deliver more than I am capable within their specialist skill set as together we will realise my purpose, I cannot do it alone without talent investing in my purpose.

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