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7 Tips for Making a New Employee’s First Day Awesome! 

Your first day at work is exciting, scary, unknown and new! But, there is good news! They don’t have to be scary! From a management and team point of view, allowing your new talent members to feel welcome and excited about their first day, sets the tone for their journey with you and it also represents a level of professionalism and positive culture in your business. 

There is always certain formalities and protocol involved in a new employee’s first day. But here are a few ways to help you make their first day memorable for all the right reasons. 

01: Start Off on The Right Foot! 

The day before your new talent member starts, ensure that you have a clear understanding of how the day is going to play out. Make sure that you have an orientation process ready, making sure that the necessary training is being provided, at the necessary times. the first day is not just your opportunity to hand over a list of mandatory training modules to your new hire and ask them to log in to the company’s CRM. It’s an important day for any new employee so make a point of meeting with them personally. After all you are their new Leader. 

Your new hire is ‘unconsciously incompetent’ – they don’t know what they don’t know. They don’t know any of the team or the many different personalities that make it up; They haven’t been exposed to any of the internal jargon or lingo; They have no idea how you do things around the office. They are literally completely unaware. Give them time to absorb, watch and process and allow questions to be asked. 

No matter how many other things you have on your plate, it’s amazing what a simple friendly smile and personal greeting can do to improve the onboarding experience. 

02: Send a Welcome Email 

This is one of the best ways to welcome your new talent member. You might want to include their photograph but you should definitely include a short bio and career snapshot, what they will be doing and what department they’ll be in. To make the most of this opportunity, you could always ask the new employee to share some interesting facts about their life outside of work. 

This shouldn’t just be an email summarising their background, but should be a chance for them to show some personality. 

03: Introductions 

A focal point of your morning meeting should be introducing your new talent member to your team, and your team being introduced to your new talent member. Maybe a welcome breakfast or morning tea where everyone gets to meet and get an understanding of who their new colleague is, and where they have come from. Remember... culture! 

04: Involve Your Talent 

Prior to a new talent member starting, it’s always a great idea involving your talent team in either the interview process, or allowing them to know that a new member is commencing. A buddy system is always a great suggestion, so that your new talent member has someone they can speak to, learn from and grow with. This person will assist in welcoming your new member in, maybe grab some lunch with them and really just be support when its needed. 

05: Orientation 

You want to ensure that there is a professional onboarding and orientation process that has been prepared for your new talent member. The first week is always going to be focussed on learning new systems, processes, responsibilities and duties. Allow your new talent member to be given a schedule so they have a clear understanding of what their first week will look like. 

06: Set Some Early Goals 

Often the first day is also a good time to set some short-term goals with your new talent member. This immediately gets them connected with the company’s goals and might even make their role clearer in their mind. 

07: Always Debrief, Evaluate and Welcome Feedback 

At the end of your talent members first day, sit down with them and evaluate together how day 1 has been. This will not only allow your new talent member to see genuine care and interest from the business, but it’s also an opportunity for you to learn about them, their learning process and connect with them. 


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