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Five Ways to Turn Your Talent Into Brand Ambassadors

Culture, by definition, is the display of behaviors. When you know the culture of a team, or an organisation you have the ability to better understand its strengths, weaknesses, and overall health. 

A Brand Ambassador is a person within an organisation that represents the brand in a positive light and by doing so, helps to increase brand awareness, sales and also talent acquisition. 

How do the two come together? 

You’ve got an epic culture, where your talent thrives in an exceptional environment, goals are being scored left right and centre and people are leaving work excited to start another day. This is a massive achievement; you are further ahead than most other companies. 

However, if your talent are not promoting your awesome culture, it does little for you and your team with the things that matter most to a business. 

Today we are breaking down five ways to turn your Talent into Brand Ambassadors. 

01: Community Involvement

Nothing promotes a positive company culture quite like your tam getting involved in community-related events. The teamwork, enjoyment, and vibe that is involved in community and charity activities Is something that spectators and the community look at and remember when thinking of a company. 

Think about joining community events just as The Pink Ribbon Fundraising Event, Teddy Bears Picnic, Race for Kids etc.. Sit down with your team, and discuss your action plan and which events mean the most to your business and your people. It is always a great idea to align yourself with a relevant charity that backs up the work that you do as a business. Ensure absolute team involvement, this motivates and excites your team. 

Promote your attendance on social media, your website and put a blurb of your journey in your newsletter or client communications. This will help wonders in demonstrating the type of positive company culture that you have and that your candidates desire. 

02: Sharing is Caring

Social media is huge in business right now. Candidates are more likely to check out your social media over your website. Ensure that any pictures, videos, and events are posted on your social media and that all exciting news and updates are being shared through your team's personal social media pages. 

If you are hosting an event or taking part in a community event, ensure to get a short video of the event with the community expressing their appreciation, enjoyment or your team involving themselves in the general community, then add popular and trending hashtags (#) to promote your business. Testimonials are authentic, powerful messages that should be shared with the world. 

03: Company Swag

Create some awesome company swag that your team can wear, use or carry with them. Things like bags, mugs, laptop cases, phone cases, hats and shirts are practical and very widely used. (we hope t-shirts are widely used). If your team members are using your company swag, it promotes your brand and also is a statement towards how they feel about working with your company. Think about it. Free, walking marketing and promoting on happy team members. 

04: The Interview Process

Prospective candidates want to speak to the people on the ground, the people that live and breathe the business and the ones that have no bias opinions. Involving your talent in the interview process with prospective candidates, allowing them to discuss the company culture and day to day work environment is one of the best ways to sell a candidate in your culture and the job. 

Consider also taking the prospective candidates on an office tour in the final stages of the interview process. This allows your talent to demonstrate your culture to potential new hires, even if they aren’t involved in the interview process itself. It also allows your potential candidates to see the business in its flesh, their potential new team and also working environment. If you have an exceptional team, they will be able to feel the energy, the vibe and then get excited about the idea of working within the team. 

05: Team Videos

I have saved the best until last. 

With video content and short business films becoming a big hit in 2016 and 2017, allowing your team to be a part of a video will not only promote your brand but also your team. Maybe do a short 2-3 minute video per team member where they introduce themselves, their role and why they enjoy their position so much. The quirkier these videos, the more engagement you will have. 

This will get not only your talent excited, but also your candidates. 

To follow up, on Friday we will break down ‘Five Characteristics of a Brand Ambassador’ 

Happy Hump Day!!! 

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