5 Ways to Keep Your Talent in 2016 

Losing your talent is an expensive and quick way to slow down growth, profitability and to also decrease moral within your business. Talent can be defined as the employees that you hire who go to work, living their dream every day. Talent are the employees that live and breathe the business and will give 110% all of the time. These are the employees you want & need to keep. But it takes work! 

So how do we keep our Talent in 2016? Today we are going to break down 5 ways that could be the difference between growing your company with Talent vs hiring staff and hanging on - just.

01: Say Goodbye to the Org Chart 

An Organisational Chart (often called an org chart) is a diagram that shows the structure of an organisation and the relationship and relative ranks of its parts, positions, jobs. 

You cannot manage a rapidly growing business with a linear organisational chart. The traditional organisational chart doesn’t tell us anything about the working structure of a business, which is really how things get done. It’s important to manage the relationship networks within your business. Not just the official roles and responsibilities of each person. 

Every business unit has a handful of key players who will serve as leaders, they operate as influencers and are usually seen as the ‘core’ Talent group. These people may not necessarily be in official leadership roles and they are not always the people that management view as running the show. 

You won’t necessarily always see Talent on a traditional organisational chart, but you can create an alternative map that identifies them. This map will change over time, but if you keep track of these key Talent players, you can make sure that the new employees meet them and get off to the best, most beneficial and productive start to their new role. 

02: Agile Development 

The Agile Movement is a development method in which products and solutions are built through collaboration between self-organising and cross-functional teams. 

Although Agile Development is often thought of as a methodology for software development, the Agile process can work well for customer service, marketing, product development and other aspects of business. 

Self-formed and self-managed teams give their Talent ownership and leadership while allowing others to work collaboratively. Most Agile methods break projects into small iterations with minimal planning and at the end of each iteration a solution is presented to stakeholders or managers for review. This minimises risks and allows the team to adapt to changes quickly. The end result is a better product for the client. 

The people who thrive off of using Agile are the same people that you want to retain – this is Talent. The Agile Development is a great way to help your Talent feel fulfilled within their roles. 

03: Allow Ownership of Engagement 

Do you have meetings where your productivity is assessed? Maybe you have reviews of your performance weekly or monthly? Sometimes your work is scrutinised, sometimes your manager or employee will talk to you about the things they think you do well and not so well. But when do employees have the same opportunity? 

Allowing your team and employees to have a voice about their satisfaction is crucial to engagement. Valuing their feedback and respecting that everyone has their own views of systems, processes, management styles will increase respect and also allow a stronger connection between management and Talent. Surely as management, we would take on the thoughts and views of the people who are breaking their backs every day for the business, right? 

04: Recognition is Key 

We have discussed recognition within a number of recent blogs and recognition does not necessarily mean monetary rewards. Studies show that monetary rewards can often decrease productivity! We are talking more about verbal recognition. “Good work on the project, I am so proud of how well you did” goes a long way!! In order to retain Talent, we must make them feel appreciated, respected and that the work, sweat, tears and sleepless nights mean something. Feedback and praise must be sincere and genuine. Talent is smart enough to know the difference between sincere appreciation and platitudes. 

05: Don’t Take Them for Granted

This is probably the most important of the 5. Managers that know they have Talent can often take advantage of them. There will definitely be a higher level of expectation. They may expect that you’ll stay back late, work from home and that you can handle an extra 24,000 projects and jobs. Why? Because you love what you do! You’re Talent! You don’t need a life outside of work. Wrong.. 

Your Talent are still human beings. Talent will very rarely say no, but they will definitely feel exhaustion... why? Because they are human beings first. 

Don’t take your Talent for granted. Don’t expect and assume – because you will definitely lose them. 

Keeping a hold of Talent is pretty simple, I think. Allow your Talent the opportunity to feel appreciated and give them a voice. Talent can easily become disinterested if they have no reason to stay motivated. 

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