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4 Habits Recruiters Need to Squash

 Routines and habits are easily created when you repeatedly do a certain task, we form routines each day: wake up at a certain time, eat a certain meal, go to the gym for a certain amount of time and hopefully crawl into bed at a particular time. We pick up habits through-out the day, whether they be good or bad. Our lives are essentially summed up by our habits – regardless of whether they have a positive or negative effect. 

It’s easy to fall in to both a habit or a routine, there is comfort in both – but at what cost? 

When talking about habits and routines in the workplace, generally speaking habits can be okay in some professions. In recruiting – not so much. The recruitment industry is forever changing! From how we recruit to why we recruit, we have to be comfortable with being uncomfortable, change and being able to adapt. If you are a recruiter who lacks the ability to adapt or follow the fast-paced growth of recruitment – you are going to be beaten by the recruiters who dare to push the barriers of comfort. 

So what are some of the habits that recruiters need to squash before these habits become detrimental to their ability to meet KPI’s and targets? Lets break them down! 

01: Technology 

Gone are the days where you would receive a job order and check your database for a candidate before posting a job advert – and then you would sit back and wait for the resumes to fly through the door.. 

Today, this can be one of the least effective ways of connecting with your target market and talent. Social Media is exploding right before our eyes! We talk about Millennials and how they are tech savvy, and glued to their phones (sweeping generalisation).. so why not make this work for you? Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram.. Each platform has the ability to connect you to your dream candidate. Don’t be afraid of using Social Media – Grab it with both hands and make it work for you. 

02: Posting Generic Job Ads 

Its 4:00 pm on Friday, you have an hour to post 4 jobs so you can rip off your corporate attire and be a social butterfly.. So you post 4 generic ads – the quality candidates will surely apply for the ad and come Monday, you’ll have over 200 resumes to sort through and you’ll be laughing – right? 

If this is your mentality, don’t even bother posting that ad, save the companies money and also brand. 

The appropriate quote for this scenario is “Crap in – crap out” 

If you’re posting generic ads, be prepared to receive generic applicants who don’t have the skills, knowledge or qualifications that you are looking for. You’ll also have the privilege of having to turn down applicants who want reasons, who cannot understand why they are being turned down because you haven’t explained the type of person you are looking for properly. 

A good recruiter will meet with their client, have a site visit and have questions ready to be asked and answered so that they can go away and be able to write a beautiful ad and be confident with their knowledge of the business, role and culture. 

Make sure that you are specific about the type of person you are looking for in your job ads – yes this will take you more time to type up and create but think of the time you’ll be saving in the long run. 

03: Pick Up the Phone

So we talk about Social Media and how it is a fantastic way to get in contact with our candidates – but that doesn’t mean we avoid phone conversations – especially with clients and prospects. The last I heard, it took an average of 12.8 touchpoints for a prospect to want to do business with you and build a professional relationship with you. Touchpoints are interactions, whether they be via phone, email, mail or face to face. Each count as a touchpoint and a connection point. 

That’s a lot of communication! But, it is a lot easier to form a connection, build respect and gain an understanding of someone verbally compared to text and words on a screen. Another issue that we are facing is spam filters – as a Marketing Coordinator, the words ‘Spam Filters’ haunt my dreams. But they are a necessity now with the number of viruses and garbage that is coming through our inboxes. Don’t be another lazy recruiter who just types an email here or there. Get on the phone, connect with someone, laugh with them – connect with them! 

04: Organisation 

Being organised is definitely a habit you want to get into! 

I’ve touched base on organisation in two blogs so far, these being “5 Ways to End Your Work Week on a High Note” and “How to: Beat Stress at Work”. 

Don’t just have the ‘I’ll wing it’ mentality – it won’t work in your favour. You need a game plan, before you step into work at 9:00 am. By the end of your previous day, you should have your project or task list prepared, an agenda for the day, a focus and some goals. Organisation is key to a productive day! Especially in Recruitment. 

Dedicate particular hours to particular projects. If you know that your target client base is generally in the office from a particular time – use that to work with you. Use the knowledge of your target market and candidate base to work with your day and your schedule. As my Director says “it's about working smarter, not harder” Don’t settle for being unprepared for a day, you’ll find yourself wasting time and you will be less efficient. 

So there we go, 4 Habits that Recruiters Need to Break! Are there any other habits that you find yourself falling into on a professional level?

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