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5 Steps to Help a Toxic Workplace.

On Monday I posted a blog that focused on showing you 5 signs that your workplace may be toxic. We had a fantastic response from readers who believed that the information was real and relevant .

which is great as there is always an aim of making sure the blogs that are posted are purposeful and helpful. Though with such a positive response, it has become obvious that workplaces are gradually becoming more toxic.

Never fear – as promised, today's blog is going to be based on steps you can take to help your toxic workplace.

01: Recognise Effort & Show Appreciation. 

Have you ever worked hard on a project and exceeded your own expectations without any recognition from your Employee or Manager? It’s not that we often need gratification but it’s nice to know your hard work has been noticed. It increases your motivation, drive and wants, to achieve your goals - even exceed them. 

According to a survey created in 2012, 85% of companies noticed a positive impact on engagement when they spent a minimum of 1% of payroll on recognition of hard work. 

02: Matching the Performance Expectations Between Management and Employees. 

Ever been prepared for your performance review, thinking you had aced the last 3 months and that you are going to get a big pat on the back, only to walk away feeling like you’d been run over a truck?

If there is no transparency in communication and honest feedback being given on a regular basis and all of the ‘critical reflection’ happens once every 3, 6 or 12 months – expect disengagement and also resentment. 

Honesty and transparency in regards to quality of work are important for both Management and also Employees. This should be given more frequently, depending on the size of your business. Also allowing the opportunity as Management to gain feedback from Employees is important for Employees to feel as though their thoughts and views are respected and also appreciated. 

03: Be Proactive to Avoid Burning Out Your Employees.

Let’s face it, many of us are juggling a number of projects, roles, and responsibilities every day. It is difficult to maintain a positive working environment when Employees are overworked and underappreciated. Are you hiring the wrong people? or, are you overloading your amazing employees with responsibilities leading to them burning out and struggling to keep their eyes open. 

If you are hiring the wrong people, you are already on your way to a toxic workplace. If their beliefs or values are not in line with the culture of your business – you are doomed from the beginning. Prior to hiring new talent, managers need to plan ahead and imagine their ideal candidate and set a list of skills, goals, and beliefs to tick off as they meet them. 

People should not be hired off of face value or because managers believe they could be friends with them. If you focus on quality, career experience and achievements – you are off to the right start. If you are burning out your fantastic employees, you need to re-evaluate and have a look at their roles, responsibilities and also their capabilities. How can you delegate roles to other people to relieve the pressure on your gold star employees? 

04: No Favorites!

Favoritism is an easy way to let your company go down the ‘toxic route’. If there are employees seen to get special treatment or extra attention – there are going to be disconnects between your employees on each level. Equality is a huge topic in the workplace, each employee should be treated with the exact same respect, be given the exact same attention and also be required to follow the same guidelines, policies, and procedures. 

Think about organising group events, team bonding or family lunches. Every Friday at WhiteCollarBlue, we try our hardest to get together for a ‘Friday Family Lunch’ where we unwind, enjoy each other’s company and connect with the people we spend most of our weeks with. It shouldn’t be an expectation for everyone in your business to be best friends, but professional relationships definitely should be able to develop. If everyone is on the same wavelength and enjoy coming into work, you are going to have a happy working environment. 

05: Claim Your Business Healthcheck!! 

The final step is definitely a solid branding push for WhiteCollarBlue and the HR Services that we offer which would be a fantastic benefit to any SME. WhiteCollarBlue is offering Free Business Health Checks for all SME’s who are struggling in the following areas: 

- Employment Practices.

- Governance, Compliance & Financial Accounts Management. 

- Management (Leadership & Teamwork) & Performance. 

- Work, Health & Safety. 

All of these key areas could either directly or indirectly be affecting the health of your business and could lead to a toxic work environment. Booking your Free Business Healthcheck will allow you to gain access to the full attention of a qualified HR Practitioner for 90 minutes to come in, review and assess a particular area (or multiple areas) of your business completely unbiased and to hear the struggles you are facing. After this Healthcheck, your struggles will be presented in a report with suggestions and a game plan on how collaboratively with your HR Practitioner, you can overcome your challenges. 

The next step means an audit will be conducted until you are on the right path to a healthy business. The great thing about our new HR Services is that they are offered by a business who has been through and overcome many challenges. Not only could you fix a toxic workplace, but you could also save your business a fortune in legal fees, compliance fines and also your own sanity.

If you would like to hear more about our Free Business Healthcheck, give us a call today – we would be happy to work with you. The number to call is 1300 559 662.

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