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Five Friday Productivity Killers 

Ah, Friday – we meet again. The one day of the week where its acceptable to be super unproductive because you’ve exceeded expectations or JUST reached expectations for the last four days..right? 


You’re hoping that the computers won't work, the door won't open, maybe a tsunami if you want to be extreme. Unfortunately, nothing exciting has happened to stop you from being at work and doing what you’re expected to do – be productive. So let’s make today count! Let’s end the week with a gigantic bang – you’ll feel so much better when you’re sitting there trying to explain to your manager what you did for the 8 hours that you sat at your desk. 

Don’t lose hope just yet, we have put together a list of the five Friday productivity killers to save you! Remember – productivity makes the day go faster. 

01: Bottling it up 

We all have a to do list when we walk in to work.. tasks that we need to complete, projects we need to finalise. But keeping everything cooped up adds a lot of extra pressure on your brain, It can even make you tired! Write your list in the morning, make sure you add your deadlines, appointments, etc.. think of the feeling you get when you get to tick things off and see that you are actually achieving things on a Friday. Writing a list allows you to have clear intentions for the day and also accomplish them! 

02: Break – no more 

Breaks are called breaks for a reason. If you don’t take a proper break you are bound to get flustered and start drowning in your thoughts. Taking time to step away from your desk and getting fresh air will clear your head. You’ll come back with perspective and a fresh mind to tackle the rest of your work. The key to this is scheduling your breaks and sticking to it. If you hold yourself accountable for actually getting up and moving at certain times throughout the day, you’re less likely to resort to pointless walks to the kitchen which only exacerbates being unproductive. 

03: Postpone & Avoid 

Little eats away at your soul more than a hard task that you know you have to complete, but really don’t want to do. Sure you can delay the pain and put it off, but you’re going to have to get it done sooner or later, so you might as well free yourself – don’t hold yourself hostage to a looming deadline. Bite the bullet, get stuck in and own it. 

04: Yes Man! 

Trying to be everyone’s hero is a huge waste of time. Firstly, you’re never going to please everyone. Don’t confuse saying ‘yes’ to everyone about everything as being a hard worker. Sure, in many cases it does denote just that, however, when you don’t stand your ground and place value on your own time, you open yourself up to being a walkover. Of course be a helpful person, but be sure to prioritise your own work first and not spread yourself too thin. Doing other people’s dirty work will only make you unproductive within your own job. 

05: Not So Social .. Media 

Our favourite topic. Social media – it connects us to everyone, all day errryday! (only when we are logged in – and let’s face it, we are always logged in). But! It is the biggest productivity waster. Social media never sleeps, but it isn’t going anywhere! Facebook and Instagram will still be there when you finish work, I promise you this. It’s so easy to get lost in the world of Trump memes and cat videos if you have facebook open as a tab. Don’t do it to yourself! it’s so tempting to have quick look, but every time you do, you’re bound to lose your train of thought and disrupt the momentum you’ve been creating. 

Boom, your five Friday productivity killers! So, let us write our lists, get some air, say no, achieve and get off facebook!! 


You’ve got this. 

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