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Five Characteristics of a Brand Ambassador

By Bree Leathers on October 21st, 2016 

Early this week, we broke down the ‘Five Ways to Turn Your Talent into Brand Ambassadors’. But what characteristics do your talent need to be able to be brand ambassadors?

A brand ambassador is someone within your team that embodies and promotes a brand or product. This person will live and breathe the company and be full of information about its offerings. A brand ambassador is an influencer, someone who people respect. 

Let's go ahead and break down the five characteristics of a brand ambassador! 


Every team has that one member, who everybody enjoys spending time with because they are full of energy, information and they embody all traits that an employer wants in a leader. They always have a sparkle in their eye, a contagious smile and carry themselves in a way that exudes confidence. The person who becomes your brand ambassador will see each challenge as a potential area of growth and learning, if they get knocked down – they get back up! This is the kind of personality you need for your brand ambassador. 

Leadership Skills: 

Think about the people you look to for recommendations. Sure, they’re knowledgeable experts in a particular space, but you probably seek out their opinions because they also exude confidence and positivity — traits that draw you in and make you want to listen. These are the same types of people you want representing your brand in the marketplace. 

The main purpose of a brand ambassador is to embody the values, the character and the overall image inherent to the brand. They need to stirrup thoughts associated with the brand. Brand ambassadors are experts in speaking for and on behalf of your business. It’s natural for them to emphasize the benefits in a persuading manner. 

Team player:

Yes, brand ambassadors should be high-calibre people. But more than this, they should see themselves as part of the team. They must remove the misconception that they are the sole reason for your sales and popularity. This way, you ensure that your team works harmoniously and all issues prevented.


Credibility is very important. Ensure that the person that you are choosing to be your brand ambassador is genuine, professional and has a kind nature. Your clients will want to work with you because they trust you and your products or services. Your candidates and clients will give a lot of trust to your employees and brand ambassadors because they have a lesser stake, compared to the owner etc.

Relationship Builder:

Your brand ambassador is not a salesperson heading out to make as many sales as possible. They exist to foster strong, loyal relationships between your customer, candidates, and brand. Your ambassador should not only be passionate about and intimately familiar with your products and services, they should also be skilled at making deep connections with others on your behalf.

If you have any members of your talent team that ticks these boxes, have a look at inviting them to become your brand ambassador!

Bree Leathers, Marketing Coordinator at WhiteCollarBlue

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