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5 Ways to Spread Cheer this Christmas

Tis the season to be jolly! Christmas Trees are coming up in offices, people may start to be wearing ugly Christmas sweaters and there are certainly reindeer antlers being stuck on cars.. But how do we bring this joy into the office when people are counting down the days until they see sand, eat a whole heap of pudding and not have to set alarms!?

Grab a gingerbread latte and read on to find out below.. 

01: Spread Good Tidings

It’s the perfect time to connect with people, old clients and old leads or dead leads purely just to wish them a Merry Christmas and to reiterate that if they get stuck for talent, you are there.

There is nothing like being called, just to be wished a Merry Christmas. When a hiring manager needs talent, they will remember the awesome recruiter or sales specialist that called through– just to wish them safe holidays. It takes a couple of minutes and could turn into a sale.

02: Bring Joy to the World

Look at ways to thank your Team, Clients and Candidates for all of their support, business and hard work over the year! Maybe host a Christmas event or put together gifts as a token of your appreciation. Everybody loves gifts!

This year, for our clients – WhiteCollarBlue handpicked Christmas goodies, packaged them in hampers with cards and hand-delivered them to each of our clients all over Sydney. There is nothing like a personal touch to spreading Cheer.

03: ‘Tis the Season to Network

With Christmas, comes Christmas events with clients and potential leads. Make sure that you attend these and pack some business cards... Networking over the festive seasons is a great way to mingle with like-minded professionals also – remember! Your network is your net worth. You’ll thank yourself come 2017.

04: Wise Man, Wise Woman

It's time to declutter, action those emails, create a Christmas signature and make sure that your office, desk and project list have been cleared and that you are so ready to start 2017 with a massive bang. If you are fortunate to have down time, evaluate your progress for the year – take a look at your strategic business plan and see what was accomplished, what wasn’t and so forth.

Clear goals will help you when you wake up after your Christmas break to return back to work for another year. Don’t procrastinate, kick some final goals for the year. Because while you are ramping up, I can guarantee that most of your colleagues will be slowing down.

05: Stay Off the Naughty List

Tis the season to shop until we drop.. but don’t do this at work. Don’t let your boss catch you doing the last of your Christmas shopping at work. As hard as it may be, still head into work with motivation, dedication and drive! You don’t want to leave a bad taste in anyone’s mouth right before the end of the year.

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