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5 Simple Steps to Proactive Recruitment

When hiring new employees, we often hire people that we believe are 'likable' or that we could work with. Have you ever hired someone that you did not enjoy the company of, but had fantastic potential? 

5 simple steps to proactive recruitment have been created to assist you in hiring 'hunters', rather than 'farmers'.

Step 1: The skill set that differentiates between a 'Hunter' and a 'Farmer'

'Hunters' are defined as being driven and hungry candidates. These individuals usually have the skills of a hunter to catch the talent that you're looking for. 

These recruiters will -

  • Proactively seek out perfect candidates.
  • Live and thrive on challenges.
  • Are well aware of where to find the skills they are looking for.
  • Know how to get the ball rolling to make that perfect hire.
  • Can identify hard-to-find candidates.
  • Contact candidates effectively to get their attention.
  • Close them on an opportunity.

'Farmers' on the other hand are better at weeding out candidates for regular employment opportunities that are conducted as they are thorough with role expectations and can easily filter candidates without the skill set required.

Step 2: Have a thorough process from beginning to end.

To assist your recruiters in becoming proactive you need to assist them in building their knowledge around the recruitment process that your particular business follows from beginning to end. Allowing your recruiters to have this knowledge will give them an idea of the opportunities where they can be proactive. A typical process comprises of the following stages:

  • The applicants profile is received.
  • The applicant is phone screened.
  • Initial face to face interviews are conducted.
  • Formal resumes are developed and sent to the client.
  • Client/candidate interviews are confirmed and conducted.
  • Reference checks are conducted.
  • Offers are received and accepted.
  • The onboarding process is commenced.
  • Performance reviews and follow-ups occur.  

Step 3: Source candidates by channels.

Resourceful recruiters will always look at their current database of candidates before they purchase resumes, post adds and potentially cost the business money that often more than not, didn't need to be spent. Recruiters have multiple avenues where they can access quality candidates. Some of the avenues that recruiters can take before costing the business money are:

  • Previous database of applicants.
  • Sourced candidates.
  • The pipeline of candidates created along individual levels.
  • Inbound candidates from job portals.
  • Through referrals.
  • Social media channels.

Step 4: Build pipelines systematically.

Build your pipelines systematically and in order to achieve this you need to have a plan in place along with a layout of how you’re going to proceed. This will help you pinpoint exactly where you’re going wrong so you can rectify it at once. When creating a pipeline layout remember to:

  • Determine requirements clearly.
  • Have a process in place before going onto selecting the technology that will best serve you.
  • Devote days to creating only pipelines.
  • Record everything that you’re company does and showcase it for candidates to consider in their decision-making process.
  • Don’t hesitate to share the tactics that are working for you, as everyone is trying to get best results and in turn, improve the hiring quality and rates.

Step 5: Hold people accountable.

If you think that you cannot be responsible then you too are accountable including your team if the task has been assigned to each one of you. The success lies in everyone working together with the same objective to reaching the same goal.

There you have it, 5 simple steps to proactive recruitment. 

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