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5 Reasons Why Romance in The Office Screams Danger 

Let’s face it, we generally spend most of our time at work. We celebrate our wins together; we comfort each other on our bad days, we eat lunch together and shout coffees for one another. We build relationships with the people we work with, you want to enjoy the company of the people you spend most of your days with.

But, when you find yourself putting extra effort into your work attire and you find yourself thinking of your co-workers outside of work, you need to stop and think about the ramifications of what you are doing, feeling and possibly wanting. 

I took it to the team of WhiteCollarBlue and here are our 5 reasons why romance in the office screams danger. . 

01: Culture

The biggest reason discussed was based around culture in the workplace. Having a relationship in the workplace will affect culture and the dynamic within a team. You may like to think that your personal relationship is a private affair, though logic tells us that your romantic involvement will impact your co-workers directly.

Let’s throw an example in the mix: You and your partner are driving to work together and you have a disagreement or an argument about something – you both refuse to continue the conversation for the rest of your trip, you both walk into the office in mad moods and are giving each other the silent treatment. 

Think of the effect that would have on your team, your clients and or customers. Will you send hate mail to each other all day? Or simply complain about one another in the printer room to your colleagues and ignore each other in the boardroom. 

02: Productivity

Regardless of whether we want it or not, we all need time apart from our partners throughout the day. You need to be able to stand on your own two feet, build your own friendships, professions and have an ability to be somewhat independent. But what happens when you combine your professional and personal life together? 

Let’s assume we are thinking of the beginning of a new, fresh, rainbow and sunshine filled relationship. Being in the same environment as the person you are swooning over, will undoubtedly effect your productivity. Whether you are sending emails back and forth filled with love hearted emoticons, or you coincidently need to print or scan at the same time so you can gaze into each other’s eyes. It’s going to affect your work and also the quality of work you produce.

03: The Promotion

Lets assume that both parties of the relationship are on an even playing field in the office and one gets a promotion to become a manager of a team in which the other person in the relationship is now a member of.. This situation would open up an entirely new can of worms. 

Regardless of whether we want to accept it or not; consciously or subconsciously, your relationship is going to influence your decisions as a team leader or manager. Your romance may colour people’s judgement with regards to team projects, responsibilities, and promotions. 

04: The 'H' Word

Many companies have policies around ‘Relationships in the Workplace’, for a good reason. If your relationship ends badly, what happens if your ex-love goes to your HR officer and puts in a claim that you were making unwanted advances? 

Think about how this could potentially impact your employment, your position and also your name within the business you work for. What if you were terminated for this reason? How would you explain that in your next interview?

05: The Break-up

The honey moon stage is over, you are no longer swooning, you are missing the separation between work and personal life OR your partner cheats on you. What happens to your work environment? Not only for you, but your colleagues. If you have formed a romantic relationship in the workplace, I’m going to assume that you have also formed close friendships with colleagues. What happens if the relationship ended badly? Will there be a divide in the office which could potentially come hostile which could then within itself affect the four points above this one; Culture, Productivity, Promotions and Harassment? 

Understandably you cannot control who your heart beats for. You cannot stop yourself from building a strong connection with someone. But, respecting your work environment, your own career as well as your partners and also the environment of your colleagues should come into play at some stage. If this is the partner for you, find yourself a new department or a new role. Take the initiative and show respect to yourself and the company that you work for. Keeping your work and personal life separate have many benefits for you as an individual and also you as a couple. 

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