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Is your business compliant with Fair Work Regulations? Are you a SME with no HR Department?

Our HR Service Focus on Improving Organisational Performance Through Best Practice HR Solutions, Delivering Positive Commercial Outcomes for Our Clients.  

HR Sense Outsourced Services

Some of the areas that our Qualified HR Practitioners are assisting SME's nationally are:

General HR 

  • Annual Reviews.
  • Detailed Employment Contracts.
  • Development Planning and Training Needs Assessment.
  • Change Management Support.
  • Employee Assistance Programs. 
  • Employee Counselling.
  • Employee Satisfaction Surveys.
  • Exit Interviews.
  • HR Auditing.
  • HR Information Systems.
  • HR Metrics and Reporting.
  • HR Training.
  • Implementation of Key Performance Measures Matched to Desired Outcomes.
  • Incentive Programs.
  • Job Description Development.
  • Leadership Development.
  • Performance Management.
  • Performance Reviews
  • Policies & Procedures.
  • System Operating Process Manuals.
  • Salary and Commission Design and Implementation.
  • Terminations

Recruitment Services 

  • Onboarding & Induction Programs. 
  • Outplacement Services. 
  • Recruitment. 
  • Reference Checks. 
  • Talent Management. 

Fair Work Act 

  • Discrimination, Harassment and Bullying Claims. 
  • Diversity/Affirmative Action. 
  • Fair Work Act Interpretation and Application. 
  • Industrial Relations. 
  • Investigations. 
  • Legal Compliance. 
  • Legal Representation at Fair Work Commission Hearings. 
  • Unfair Dismissal Allegations. 

Work, Health & Safety Services 

  • Claims Management. 
  • Injury & Near Miss Reporting Compliance. 
  • Injury Management. 
  • Return to Work. 
  • Risk Assessments. 
  • Tool Box Talks. 

Accounts Management Services 

  • Accounts Functions. 
  • Accounts Payable. 
  • Accounts Receivable. 
  • Benefits Administration Reporting. 
  • Debtors 
  • Payroll. 

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