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5 Ways to End Your Work Week on a High Note.. 

Its 4:30 pm on Friday afternoon, 30 minutes until lift off..You're already thinking of the outfit you're going to wear for tonights events..But you still have time you can be using wisely at work. In todays blog, we will give you 5 ways to end your work week on a high note. 

1. Reflect on the High (and Low) Points. 

The best Employees will plan their weeks and evaluate their successes and challenges of the week that was. One thing I do in my Strategic Marketing Plan for the year is plan my weekly goals and also evaluate what I’ve done for the week. It’s all about making yourself accountable and being able to back up those long 38 hours spent at your desk with the level of work that you push out. Analysing and reflecting on your week will give you a stronger idea of where you are heading next week. It is also a great idea to prepare your weekly plan so that everything is fresh in your mind. 

2. Work Like You’re Getting Ready to Get on a Plane. 

If you were going away for a holiday, you would ensure that your bags were packed, that your house was clean and hopefully that nothing in your fridge will go off while you’re away. Same mentality with your work. You should ensure that your emails have been actioned, replied to or deleted. You should be motivated to have all projects completed and loose ends tied. The aim of all of this is to ensure that when you come back on Monday, you have a fresh week and a clean slate. 

3. Decide When You’re Going to Unplug. 

Work Life Balance we all mention this, we all long for it, but do we follow the right steps to get the correct balance? Respectfully, many of us cannot entirely step away from work for a whole 48 hours, whether it’s because of corporate and cultural expectations or workload reasons. Regardless of the reason, you need to reconnect and unwind. The last thing you want to do is come into the office at 9am on Monday morning already exhausted from completing tasks from the week before on your Saturday and Sunday. Switch off, spend time with your loved ones. 

4. Plan Something to Look Forward to. 

If you’re prone to the 5pm Sunday night blues, you might need to re-evaluate your career or you might not be using your weekend as well as you should be. Sure, the laundry needs to be done, your unwatched recorded shows on Foxtel are filling up your storage and your bed is calling you for just one more sleep in. But, the sun is out and it’s a gorgeous weekend – I promise you, by Wednesday you’ll be regretting your decision to eat the entire tub of ice-cream and watch back to back episodes of suits on Netflix all weekend. 

Bonus points if your weekend adventures or plans get you outside and exercising. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts, many of us do not get enough exercise during the week, and although you can’t make up for five days of sedentary behaviour with a one-day hike, you can burn off some of the fog in your head. Put your headphones in, listen to some tunes and do a gorgeous mountain walk, or beach walk or even a lovely drive into the country and back. 

5. Clear Off Your Desk 

With the same mentality as number 2, have you ever rushed your packing before a trip and forgotten to take the rubbish out? On arrival after your holiday you walk into your house, refreshed and excited… to a bad smell and a terrible mess? Spend 10 minutes clearing your desk. File away your projects for the week, prepare your diary and notes for your Monday meeting and ensure that there is no rubbish or clutter. Even if you’re an avid proponent of the messy desk theory of creativity, getting things tidy will help you get off on the right foot on Monday morning. 

There we have it, my 5 ways to end your work week on a high. Now, plan a beautiful weekend regardless of the weather and make sure your desk is clean for your 5pm knock off time. You’ll thank me come Monday morning. 

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